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1-MODEL/RESHELL - Model LCM-Skyline (1,688)
2-FACEPLATE - Left Faceplate COL006 O-Black
2-FACEPLATE - Right Faceplate COL006 O-Black
3-SHELL - Left Body COL011 T-Black
3-SHELL - Right Body COL011 T-Black
4-ARTWORK - Left Logo/Artworks LEAR Gold - Middle
4-ARTWORK - Right Logo/Artworks LEAR Silver(Side)
5-OTHER OPTIONS - Socket Combo Con™(MMCX ver.)
5-OTHER OPTIONS - Default Cable C2MKIII Black
5-OTHER OPTIONS - Ear Impression(Ear Mold) I will send physcial ear impression.
5-OTHER OPTIONS - Semi-Hard Material(Per Pair) Semi-Hard Canal(Clear Color) (499)
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configId C6GgEuBWw03XWfdK67Vpyg_h
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